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2017 Under Review: The Moments You Should Relive in The Ghanaian Showbiz Industry

The year 2017 has been a very eventful one especially for entertainment in Ghana.

We all woke up on January 1, 2017 feeling renewed following a tensed Electioneering December. The Year indeed has been a wonderful one both from the angle of goodness and badness. To shower us into the New Year, Christabel Ekeh twerked for her fans in a revealing outfit and Social Media Users went crazy. While we were still at it, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo brought our research skills to life with his famous ‘plagiarised’ speech.

We actually thought the year was too young for all that had happened only for Wanlov to drop a bombshell that he dropped out of school because of Sakawa. Then came the introductory dancehall beef of the year. It was between none other than Samini and Ghana’s very best ‘beefer’ Shatta Wale. While we were still talking about the young ones and their beefs, Kojo Antwi made us aware that even the oldies are good at that so he dropped some few punches on Daddy Lumba’s face.

Shock was the mood when we heard KK Fosu say Sarkodie and Obrafour are not good singers. Well, that only lasted for a moment before Shatta Michy’s new pub became the butt of cruel jokes and was named a ‘Container’. As expected of him, Shatta Wale was quick to hit back at individuals who chastised his woman.

2017 was definitely not done with its wonders yet as Ghanaian rapper; Medikal got the shock of his life during the 2017 edition of the Ghana Music Awards when he won no awards despite his seven nominations. Social media users could never let the opportunity go by as professional trolls gave the ‘Too Risky’ rapper a reason to bow his head. On the Same event, the King of music in the north, Fancy Gadam won the New Artiste of the year award in a category closely contested by many other artistes including Medikal. Well, that was just a tip of the iceberg actually. The real shock came when Joe Mettle set a record of becoming the first ever Gospel Musician to Win the Artiste of the Year at the VGMAs since its inception.

Getting to the middle of the year, while we were still searching for the one who said ‘Twea’ and why Medikal Couldn’t win a single award at the VGMAs, Yvonne Okoro was very unhappy with the fact that men feared to approach her and she wanted the world to know about it. Social Media Users and Showbiz Enthusiasts were still finding solutions to Yvonne Okoro’s problem when Edem outdoored his timberland Shop.

We actually thought 2017 was done with its unimaginable moments and we were already suspecting boredom for the rest of the year when Manasseh Azure Awuni gave us reasons to giggle and argue. It was the moment social media went gaga over Manasseh’s ‘I Wash My Wife’s Panties’ comment. That was but for a moment before the ‘Ladder’ challenge was born. Social media enthusiast could not help but climb various objects and buildings to share their versions of the ‘Ladder’ challenge. Ummmmm…. What a year we’ve had so far at this point! Well, all those who thought they had had enough as of May 2017 were left with lots of disappointments when news of Davido taking a bootylicious Ghanaian girl to his hotel room while in Ghana broke out. His baby Mama couldn’t take the news with ease and most of you already know what happened.

So while we were still enjoying the Ladder Challenge and we were still waiting for more laughable news items from the showbiz world in Ghana, a heavy wind blew across the Ghanaian landscape and left our cheeks cascaded with tears. It was the infamous and gruesome murder of Major Mahama that came to us all in May. May his soul Rest In Peace.

As if he knew we needed something else to talk about, Counselor Lutterodt was instrumental in the breakup of the relationship between Lebene and veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo. Social media folks were very glad to receive the news and as usual, Professional trolls did their best. Wait a minute; I just heard a radio station play Jennifer Lomotey. 2017 can never be talked about without the mention of Sarkodie’s Verse on Kurlsongx’ Jennifer Lomotey. We are yet to find out how the court case went or if at all the issue was sent to court. Not long after this, Stonebwoy took the bold step of tying the knot with his lover, Dr. Louisa in grand style.

Shatta wale was in the news again when he wished his daughter a happy birthday on her tenth birthday. Fans and critics couldn’t believe their eyes and just as expected, professional trolls were very glad to dissect the issue and throw some punches at the ‘Dancehall King’.

Well, Wanlov Kuborlor was of the view that D-black should quit music and possibly divert to business since he sucks at rap and that was one moment Critics loved the most as they took to twitter and facebook to express their views on the topic with many in support of Kuborlor’s thought. While we were still gathering views on social Media as to whether D-Black should continue doing music, Hon. Adwoa Sarfo became the new word in the Ghanaian English Dictionary meaning Liar. Social Media folks were quick to develop a hashtag to reiterate the essence of the lies told by the Ghanaian Politician regarding a classroom block in her constituency.

Actress Christable Ekeh could not allow the dust to settle on Hon. Adwoa Sarfo’s issue before she released her nude photographs to steal the shine from the Member of Parliament. While many people tried to defend her, Christable came out publicly to say the photographs which had gone viral were to depict her new brand. We are yet to understand the new brand though. We hope to do so in 2018.

We were still trying to find some hidden angles in Ekeh’s nudes when rumors of Dr.Louisa, Stonebwoy’s newly-wedded wife’s pregnancy took over the entire showbiz space. Many were of the view that the marriage was to conceal the pregnancy. Some weird critics said Dr.Louisa’s family sponsored the wedding. We are yet to hear of Dr.Louisa’s Childbirth though.

Talking of Pregnancy, July seemed to be the season of Pregnancies as rumors of Yvonne Nelson’s Pregnancy came out not long after Dr.Louisa’s. However, Yvonne Nelson was quick to debunk. Thanks to the popular ‘Rashida Black Beauty Housefly Video’, Ghanaians let Yvonne off the hook. Rashida was chided for her nude video and out of frustration; she ended up insulting the entire nation, a reason for which she was on the wanted list of many people for quite some time.

Not long after the Housefly Video, the battle for Supremacy between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy was born. Mrs. Samira Bawumia was given her share of the social media troll when she travelled to India to pose with Kukum Bagya Stars for a photoshoot. Social media enthusiasts were quite disappointed and expressed their disappointment on facebook and twitter. Celebrated female vocalist Becca also launched her album ‘Unveiling’. She was in tears during the event and fans talked about it for days. Then came another bombshell which got everyone shocked. TV personality and Enterpreneur, Delay’s comment ‘I have stopped jumping from hotel to hotel in search of white men’ was the topic with which we ended August, 2017.

September was mostly for Patapaa Amisty as his hit song ‘One Corner’ caused major craze in the showbiz world not only in Ghana but all over the world. The song went viral after rumours broke out that Kojo Nkansah Lilwin made an attempt to steal the song from the artiste. Some students were dismissed due to the One Corner Craze and it has also been alleged that someone died after doing the ‘One Corner’ dance. Many Spiritual leaders however came out to say the song was evil and that people should desist from listening or dancing to it.  Sarkodie also released his Highest Album and held a world-tour for the album.

Lydia Forson’s touching note to family and friends during her 33rd birthday, thanking them for their support during her major surgery was what ushered us into November where the news of Yvonne Nelson’s childbirth broke out and spread quickly like bushfire. The actress was chastised for giving birth before marriage with many people saying she was serving as a wrong example to her fans. The issue however grew worse when a Nigerian came out to say the man responsible for Yvonne’s child is her husband. And that was when social media went lively once again and bloggers definitely made good cash within the period.

We were still following Yvonne Nelson’s Issue when rumors of Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello’s divorce came out after Pokello failed to publicly wish Elikem on his birthday as has been the case in previous years. When Elikem had the chance to speak to the media about the issue, he was smart enough to leave us thinking and wondering if the rumours were true or not. We couldn’t make much of the issue before Sarkodie was made not to perform at the One Africa Music Festival in Dubai despite having been at the pre-event show.

It didn’t take long after the One Africa Music Festival before a dark cloud hanged over our beloved nation, Ghana. This time, it was one of our finest radio Presenters, KABA who was called to join his ancestors. May his soul rest in peace.

Shatta Wale was quick to make Ghanaians get over the sadness brought by the demise of KABA when he said he doesn’t see Wizkid as a star during a radio interview. This comment later degenerated into a social media war between Nigerians and Ghanaians with other musicians joining the social media battle. While the battle was still on-going, EL released his BAR 4 mixtape and held a concert for it. Trigmatic was filled with Joy when his wife gave birth to his first child, some few months after their marriage. Fans and social media users congratulated the musician on his new feat.

Then comes the currently trending Dancehall diva, Ebony with her ‘free show’ dress at the 2017 4SYTE Music Video Awards. She was trolled on social media for her dress which revealed her private parts but the ‘Date Your Father’ hit-maker was quick to hit-back at critics for chastising her. However, after days of trolling, she came out to say the ‘free show’ was due to wardrobe malfunction. November wouldn’t end without us recalling rumors that went viral about Ahuof3 Patri of the Popular Boy’s Kasa fame becoming a drug addict. The rumors according to co-actor Kalybos had left the bubbly actress traumatized.

The twelfth and final month of the year 2017 was fully-loaded. We started the month with serious warning from Stonebwoy to bloggers who put out songs for free downloads on their sites. Soon after that, Ebony launched her Bonyfied album and held an A-class concert to celebrate the album. Not long after Ebony’s album release, kumawood actress Maame Serwaah lost her mum. Stonebwoy was the next to release his album christened ‘Epistles of Mama’ and organised a classic concert for it. Then came Ebony’s response in her latest tune ‘Maame Hw3’ to Manasseh Azure’s Love letter. Stonebwoy once again was in the news getting to the end of the year by becoming the first Ghanaian musician to create a mobile application for his fans.

We were almost ending the year on good note until the Miss Ghana saga came out and more and more rots were released from beneath the sheets of Inna Patty and her Miss Ghana Pageant. To crown the year, Ebony won the artiste of the year at BASS Awards 2017 and walked away with the Favourite Female Artiste of The Year Awards at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards. Shatta Wale walked away with the ultimate prize at the People’s Celebrity Awards as the Artiste of the Year and Fancy Gadam bagged two awards for his song ‘Total Cheat’ at the same event.

Oh! One last one. The growing feud between Berla Mundi and Yvonne Nelson is the wind which blows us into the New Year. Social media enthusiasts couldn’t help but treat this with their professional troll touch. Some weird critics said Yvonne Nelson has placed Berla Mundi’s virginity on litmus paper and that they are waiting patiently for the results. Just in case you’ve forgotten, Funny face’s 2-minutes performance was the song getting towards the end of September.

All in all, I would say 2017 has been an excellent year for the entertainment industry in Ghana despite some few downs and the loss of some souls. Enjoy your 2018 in peace. Meanwhile, there’s one last aspect of this piece just for your eyes. Look through below:




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