I have never had sex with Emelia Brobbey and others-Bill Asamoah

Kumawood Actor and Producer, Bill Asamoah has denied claims of  amorous sexual relationship with actresses, Emelia Brobbey and  Vivian Jill among others in the industry.

He said the claims  which are unsubstantiated rumors have gained notoriety  because of the way he carries himself in the line of his duties.

“We work for the masses; you cannot say people will not say things about you. I have not had any sexual amorous sexual relationship with any actress. I have even been accused of sleeping with almost all the actresses I have been on set with”, he disclosed.

While restating that all these are false he indicated that he will not be deterred in properly relating with all actresses he described as sisters.

“They are all my sisters and I flow easily with all of them. When we are working, the chemistry is there that is why people have drawn the conclusion I have laid them”

“They envisage that the way we do the things, it means we are lovers. I am only doing my work as a professional and I don’t take advantage of the situation. It is true that to every rumor there is an iota of truth but where does the truth lie. I respect myself that when I am working I am a professional and I don’t mix work with pleasure”, he revealed

“If you understand the kind of work I do, when you are making moves you will be cautious. I am not a wayward person and you should be mindful about that when you travel outside the country because there are a lot of eyes watching. Don’t feel you are not being watched. You don’t know who is looking at you and who will tell somebaody about what you will be doing”, he cautioned.

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