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Your Indecent Dressing May Result in Legal Actions – Lawyer to Ebony

Private Ghanaian legal practitioner Gary Nimako has categorized  the recent controversial public appearances of Ebony as indecent.

The 20-year-old musician, who has come to be known for her ‘bad girl’ nature and describes herself as the ‘90s Bad Gurl” has been seen at various events spotting revealing clothes and costumes.

Recently, the ‘Date Your Father’ singer was photographed wearing a ‘swimsuit like’ evening dress with a part exposing some parts of her vital part.

Many are the Ghanaians who have condemned her acts especially on social media. Lawyer Nimako, also in an interview with Hitz FM’s Daniella Adu Asare says inasmuch as she may be feeding her fans’ desires, her dress sense is not proper.

“Nobody can deprive anyone of pursuing their economic interests in this country. If you’re a musician and you have to do your performance, you can do it in a manner which is decent and in a manner which will (still) attract your fans,” he said.

He also added, “to decide that at any opportunity you get, you will expose one bum or the other or both…or to expose yourself publicly in a manner which is abhorrent, in a manner in which society does not accept, then obviously the law can catch up with you.”

Ebony’s unusual sense of dressing may constitute that which the law terms “indecent exposure” as the lawyer defined it as “anybody who deliberately or intentionally reveals his private parts in a public space.”

According to Mr Nimako, the police would be right if they decide to take her up in enforcing the law.

“They don’t need a complainant in this matter. The public appearances are all there, so if they themselves have seen the videos and come to the conclusion that they must question her, they have the right to call her for questioning,” he added.


By: Gabla Godwin/ Showbiz Network Ghana

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