What celebrities are saying about Christabel Ekeh’s nude pictures

Actress Christabel Ekeh last week posted some racy pictures of herself on her Instagram page.

Although Ghanaians and some followers out of the country thought the actress’ account was hacked, she came out to say she posted the pictures on her own and that the photos were a representation of her new brand.

Christabel’s colleagues including Prince David Osei, Lydia Forson and others have reacted to the unfortunate events and have asked that Ghanaians rather pray for the actress rather than share her pictures.

Prince David osei who is known for playing the bad boy character in several movies said “It saddens my heart when I see people glorifying others downfall, demise, shame and struggling. I?m not happy with people circulating Christabel?s nude photos on social media. You don?t know what she is going through. Whether it is someone who has hacked her account or she is doing it herself, we cannot say. You can tell all is not going on well with the sister so rather than circulating her pictures and insulting her, why don?t we pray for her”??

Gloria Osei Sarfo on the other hand said “I support you 100% bro it’s such a shame”

Lydia Forson said :”Thank you!! @princedavidosei it’s important that we stick of for each other whenever we can. This industry isn’t easy and it can be any of us at any time. We need to learn to speak out more on these issues. So glad you’ve done this video.”


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