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The Winners, The Shouts And How It All Happened At VMA 2018

Undoubtedly the biggest awards event to ever hit the shores of the Volta Region, the Volta Music Awards was successfully held on Saturday, March 10, 2018 inside the Ho Technical University Auditorium.

With a staggering 1,000 sitter auditorium almost totally filled, the award was a moment to cherish firstly as a voltarian and secondly as a music lover. Though things started a little too late than we had been informed with red carpet running into the dying minutes of 9 PM, there was still enough goodness within the auditorium itself to keep fans and music lovers awake till the early hours of Sunday when the program was brought to a final close.

Some electrifying stage performances from some well-cooked Volta music arts including the likes of Agbeshie, Volta’s own darling boy, Israel Nanevi Maweta as well as a live ‘Borborbor’ performance on stage were the main toasts of the event. Majority however tagged Kula Gh’s performance as the best on the night as he took over the stage with some moment of uniqueness and horse energy.


The big winners on the night included the likes of Keeny Ice who was caught in a tie with Kasare with three beautiful awards each. The biggest award on the night, The Overall Artiste Of The Year Award was presented to Agbeshie who also received an undisclosed sum of money from Zylofon cash as well as a year-long free blogging deal with Elorm Beenie. Zygee who was crowned as the discovery of the year also took home a cash sum of 15,000 cedis from Brainy Beats, a member of the High-grade Family.


In honour of their generous contributions to music in the Volta Region and beyond, some individuals were given some special awards. Torgbui Edinam Kwamena Ansah who was a past president of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement award. Elorm Beenie, Jonilar and Edem were awarded with citations and portraits of themselves for their contributions to music in the region as well as the Volta Music Awards.


Though a great night, most attendees were left with no option than to leave the auditorium  with awful shouts immediately the artiste of the year was announced. To many, they were surprised that the artiste of the year who had a couple other nominations won no other awards on the night except for the most prestigious one. The crowd was therefore uncomfortable with the declaration and made for the exit even before Leonard Korku Lumor, the official MC of the occasion could draw curtains on proceedings.


With more than one nomination, one would expect that some artistes go home with at least a single award especially for their talents, hardwork and commitment to growing the music industry in the Volta Region. However, the case has been far from this for some artistes. They include Faffa who had four nominations but could not go home with a single one. Ace hiplife group, Kemenya also got six nominations but none of those was converted into an award on the final showdown. Kula, Hecta and Cano Z who had 5 nominations at par won no awards on the night. JJ Gonami was also unable to bag a single award out of his four nominations. Jah Phinga and Venunye could not also convert their three nominations each into an award on the biggest night. Goodluck next year!


In his speech, blogger, publicist and PR Consultant, Elorm Beenie expressed grief over the apathy shown by stakeholders towards musicians in the region, stressing that little support is given to Volta artistes.

’’Most of our artistes are not even managed or financed by our own people. They lack financial support. They lack the resources. Other regions are supporting their artistes and pushing them but what are our people doing in the volta Region?

If you look at all our top musicians in the country, they are all from the Volta Region. Shatta Wale’s Mother is from this region, Sarkodie’s mother is from here, Stonebwoy is from here but what are our people doing to help our talents?’’ he lamented.

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Artiste Of The Year

Chief One
Keeny Ice
Torgbe 9
Jah Phinga

Gospel Artiste Of The Year

Bro. James
Enerst Komla Ayer
Mama Peace
The Truth
Helen Jewel

Gospel Song Of The Year Song Title

Bro. James – Nu Nyui Gede Fuu
Enerst Komla Ayer – Yesu Le Nugorgbenam
X-Cel – Love Wantenten
Deladem – Mawue
Mama Peace – Da Yesu Beba (When Jesus Comes)
Cano-Z – Akpe
The Truth – Great Provider
Helen Jewel – Holy Ghost Fire
Faffa – Ewoe Koe Nye Mawu

Reggae/Dancehall Artiste Of The Year

Willing Wana
Dan Zaki
Shadow Wane
Kush Elikem
Bongo 1

Reggae/Dancehall Song Of The Year

Willing Wana – Poor No Friend
Pacy – Hammer Me
Danzaki – Work Hard
Enamily – Bad Charger
Shadow Wane – Vorvor Melio
Kush Elikem – When Things Go Wrong
Skery Zee – 360
Jah Phinga – Hold Me

Hiplife Artiste Of The Year

Chief One
Jj Gonami
Latino Gh
Kosi Bone

Hiplife Song Of The Year

Hecta – Ayele
Torgbe 9 – Killer Boobo
Jj Gonami – I Dey Go
Cano-Z – Tsorkordedzi
Agbeshie – Beyonce
Kasare – Gomene

Highlife Artist Of The Year

Shaggy Mensah

Highlife Song Of The Year Song

Erastus – Say I Do
Cola Chris – Turn Me On
Tony Web – Shine
Kemenya – Me And You
Kasare – Melorwo
Shaggy Mensah – Agbana

Hip-Hop Song Of The Year Song

22 Foli – Duwoaji
Hecta – Voodoo
Chief One – Amin
Torgbe 9 – Number 9
Startick – Nanewoem
Kosi Bone – Limit
Tony Web – Enemies
Zygee – Adukoun
Remy J – Ahoe Gbevuvi
Kula – Ahoe Roundabout
Keeny Ice – Gankivi

Most Popular Song Of The Year Song Title

Hecta – Ho Vivina
Torgbe 9 – Number 9 (Ft. Kwawkese)
Jj Gonami – Dzidzorkporkpor
Belce – Ngorgbe
Cano-Z – Tsorkordedzi

Kasare – Gomene

Agbeshie – Beyoncé

Producer/Sound Engineer Of The Year

Timz Beatz – Gomene
Kush Elikem – Eseveve
Kemenya – Family
Ik On-De Beat (My Babe) Ik Ft. Agbeshie
Mr. Lord – Love Wantenten

Song Writer Of The Year

Venunye – We Are One
Faffa – For My God
Remy J – Keonam
Kush Elikem – Everybody Needs Somebody
Kasare – Gomene

Best Rapper Of The Year

Seyfame – All For You
Hecta – Voodoo
Keeny Ice – Gankivi
Torgbe 9 – Above The Law
Zygee – Adukoun
Kula – Ahoe Roundabout
Fiamor – Edzorxoxo

Best Male Vocalist Of The Year

Venunye – Love Me Now
Lega – Enemies
Belce – Yudala
Cola Chris – Turn Me On
Efemor – Air + Water
Bongo I – Chaty Chaty

Best Female Vocalist Of The Year

Pacy – Hammer Me
Mama Peace – Da Yesu Beba (When Jesus Comes)
Linchpin – All The Time Cover
Forgyve Kemmy – Ogba Dzinam
Faffa – Ewoe Koe Nye Mawu

Traditional Song Of The Year Song

Zagunor Selasi – Aborbi
Evivim – Xegbe Xedona
Shaggy Mensah – Kelewawa
Selorm Razy – Dzakpata
Forgyve Kemmy – Wuse Wuse
Kemenya – Dzigbordi

Best Collaboration Of The Year Song

Keeny – Ice Move (Ft. Kofi Kinata)
Torgbe 9 – Tasi (Ft. Edem – T-Phlow)
Jj Gonami – Dzidzorkporkpor (Ft. Keeny Ice)
Kemenya – Good Morning
Kula – Problem (Ft. Edem & Episode)
Kasare – Gomene (Ft. Lega)

Best Music Video Of The Year Song

Venunye – Love Me Now
Hecta – Voodoo
Keeny Ice – Gankivi
Belce – Ngorgbe
Agbeshie – Original
Tony Web – Blessing
Kula – Amen
Chief One – Gh Akuvi

Best Entertainment School Of The Year


Best Dj/ Promoter Of The Year

Dj Fcon
Dj Quest
Swanqy Jay
Dj Spenxa Gh
Dj Flexal
Dj Kindergarten
Real Showbiz
Dj Sygnature
Dj Donzigi
Dj Tellerone
Dj Dani
Dj Karanja

Best Entertainment Company Of The Year

Loyce Entertainment
Promo Guru
Eledzi Empire
Mac D Empire
Airly Events
Asta Print Hub

Best Group Of The Year

Drizzle & Jed Swizz

Discovery Of The Year

Skye Brain
Mama Peace
King Enam
Maverick Kiddie

Best Performer Of The Year

Jah Phnga
Nuh Prince

Online Influincer Of The Year

Dj Quest
Promo Guru
Dj Sygnature
Volta Connect

Media Houese Of The Year

Kekeli Radio
Hogbe Radio
Trilion Media
Jubilee Fm
Kuul Fm
Light Fm
Global Fm
Tosh Fm

By: Gabla Godwin/ Showbiz Network Ghana

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Telephone: 0248341613 or 0555115017





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