cycross the musician

Hiplife musician, Cycross releases new single featuring talented rapper and singer, Kwabena lyta.

The track titled Awia Mawhene (You Stole My Heart), though Cycross’ debut track has all the qualities of music as owned by a dinosaur-age experienced musician.

In this track, the duo put up a mixture of typical twi-flavoured rap with wonderful English rhymes to paint the story of how love had turned a certain character into a complete fool.

The song which was produced by Qholabeats is a good dose of music for the lovebirds and an appetizer for the wannabe lovers.

Meanwhile, Kwabena Lyta is set to release his debut album in December this year. More on the album would be published here soon. Till then, enjoy this banger:




By: Gabla Godwin/Showbiz Network Ghana


Phone: 0248341613/0555115017


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