This December is not ending any soon as there seems to be more and more packages and surprises in store for all and sundry.

Davadi Films in collaboration with Davadi Stars presents the hottest and biggest stage play of the year. You sure have watched various stage plays over the past twelve moons but certainly, this new play christened ‘Deadly Mistake’ would sweep you off your feet to a world of pain, awe, surprise and ultimately pleasure in just the space of one night.

When two teenagers who think they’ve been caught in the web of love take their affair a step further by engaging in intimacy, earn for themselves a pregnancy out of wedlock and their secret relationship tends to become public in a land where the punishment for such offences is to be stoned to death, the prime focus becomes getting married to conceal the rot. What if the twist gets worse with the teenagers finding out they are siblings? What do they do? Who is to blame? This is the story of the main characters in ‘’Deadly Mistake’’, a play written and directed by Yaw Great-Star.

To give yourself a well-deserved pleasurable outing this Christmas, you should find yourself at the National Art Centre on Friday, December, 29 2017 where this play would be staged from 6PM sharp.

Tickets for the event are available for sale at 20 cedis regular and 50 cedis VIP. Call this number for details and ticket reservations: 0248203753.

See you there on Friday!


By: Gabla Godwin/ Showbiz Network Ghana

Email: or

Telephone: 0248341613 or 0555115017



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