Veteran Ghanaian actor, Comedian and TV character, Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM) has given causes why our Ghanaian cedi hold falling in opposition to different currencies.

Politicians try to deceive us with a whole lot of non-existing causes why the Cedi retains falling.

However, KSM has defined it in easy, affordable phrases.

According to him, virtually each service in Ghana is charged in Dollars as an alternative of our personal Ghanaian cedi.


He famous that this is the very motive why the Cedi retains falling so he wonders why we nonetheless flip round to mislead ourselves about different causes which aren’t even near the principle explanation for the issue.

He tweeted:

“GH Hotels quote rates in $, landlords quote in $, the Ports quote in $, even many gov’t outfits quote in $. We then we turn around and wonder why the Cedi is falling? I can’t think far. 😳😳”

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