Health is a major concern to many people if not everyone in the world just as much as money-making is too. This is largely because good health promotes productivity which in turn promotes both personal development and communal development which also ensures cash flow. As such, it is of grave importance that we keep ourselves healthy at all times. What about getting an opportunity to keep yourself and your family healthy while making money from that? Too good to be possible, right? Read on:

Super Life International is a registered health products distributing company head quartered in Malaysia with branches in over 32 countries including United States of America, China, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire and still stretching out to over 18 countries by the end of 2018. This company is aimed at keeping you healthy while providing you an opportunity to earn steady income. Super Life is founded by Lai Tek Kean, a graduate of the National University of Malaysia (UKM) with 25 Years’ experience in the financial Planning Industry. He also achieved cumulative income of US$1.2million in the first 18 months in the Network Marketing Industry. Lai Tek Kean also Built a strong network of distributors in more than 30 countries in less than 3 years and held Senior Management roles at various companies in the F&B, Property, Venture Capital and other industries. He is also a Savvy investor with shareholdings in various public listed companies in Malaysia.


What Does Superlife Do?

Superlife International is into promoting, distribution and sales of Products sales and distribution of Scientifically Tested and approved health products while leveraging a digital Platform which empowers SuperLife Members to attain Sustainable Wealth by Promoting the Products sales and distribution of tested and approved health products. These products include:  STC30 (“STEMCELL30”) which is Helps in the areas of cognitive, neurological, cardiovascular, eye and joint health. It also improves blood flow and develops a healthy immune system. Helps to reduce cellular oxidative damage, support cellular antioxidant defenses, and maintain cardiovascular health and healthy blood vessels, Promotes the production of body’s natural antioxidant system, supports healthy immune function and protects against oxidative stress and a range of cosmetics which would soon be launched.



The Compensation Plan

For a network marketing of its nature, Superlife has a compensation plan for all and sundry who subscribe to their packages. There are six packages in all. The prices for each package, the number of boxes of products attached to each package and other details are shown below:



There are also six income streams for anyone who buys any of the packages been sold by Superlife. Check them out below:


For the retail bonus, it is simply about the returns you make from buying the product and selling at a retail price to customers. The breakdown for the retail bonus is shown below:



Find below details of the direct referral bonuses for the various levels:

Direct Referral Bonus for Starter


Direct Referral Bonus For Star
Direct Referral Bonus For Supreme
Direct Referral Bonus For Super

Get involved in this network marketing business now and gain your financial freedom while helping yourself and other people stay healthy.

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