Famous Ghanaian hiplife musician cum Fashion designer, Guru is set to break into the Ghanaian chemicals market with a new anti-radiation product.

The Hiplife star who shot into the limelight after the release of his ‘Lapaz Toyota’ single in 2012 is said to be working on a new product which is aimed at reducing the radiations that come from mobile phone usage hence reducing the problems associated with such radiations.

A member of the talented artist’s management team, who only introduced himself as Zyon, hinted of this in an exclusive interview with Showbiz Network Ghana’s (SBN’s) Gabla Godwin on Wednesday evening.

Guru’s Nanofix

According to Zyon, ”The product is a liquid which is smeared or applied all over the phone to avoid the emission of radioactive rays which causes cancer to users in times ahead. It also reduces the rate at which a phone cracks when it hits the ground. The product’s name is Nanofix”


Meanwhile, the ‘Boys Abr3’ crooner is currently promoting his newest banger captioned ‘Problem’. The track whose visuals were released barely a month ago has received so much playtime on various radio and Tv stations nationwide.

Zyon, who introduced himself as the spokesperson of team Guru had this to tell fans and followers in his wrap-up speech :

”They should keep supporting Guru because the songs he hasn’t released yet are even mind blowing than what is even already out. From now through to December is going to be the release of music like the tides of the sea…non-stop’’

Apparently, we all would have to wait for this product from the camp of Guru. SBN would do well to bring you any latest information about the product.

Sourcce: Gabla Godwin/ showbizgh.net


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