Actress Tracey Boakye has said she will rather invest her money into fruitful ventures rather than slay on red carpet just for public admiration.

She made this known on “Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix” when she was asked to name her assets as a celebrity.

Tracey who refused to answer the question explained that she is not willing to let the world in on her assets but said she believes in investing her money into ventures that are productive rather than looing good at events and being a tenant.

She said” as for me I don’t like to invest my money into buying expensive dresses and looking good on red carpets to win public admiration. NO, I will rather invest my money so I can make some returns on it. I am not condemning people who slay but this is me, I don’t have time to slay so I invest my money into fruitful ventures”.

“Even the man I am dating does not like me looking all glamorous and all artificial. He prefers to see me natural so why should i worry myself if him who is taking care of me does not like those artificial things. You see, you don’t see me on red carpets at event right? Because i don’t live my life to impress others,” she said.

The actress disclosed that she built her house when she was 21 years old and believes that as a human being it is imperative to rather invest or build your house so you don’t get landlord issues at the end of the month.

The actress who was reported to have squabbles with her colleague, Benedicta Gafah said she has no problems with her and that reports that suggested that are false.


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