ITEA 2018 Officially Opened For Nominations

Following a massive social media acceptance of the Inter-Tertiary Excellence Awards during its incubation days, the organizers of the highly acclaimed tertiary honors have officially opened the 2018 edition of the event to nominations from the general public.

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The Inter-Tertiary Awards 2018 (ITEA 2018) was officially opened to nominations via a Facebook post from the organizers of the event. According to the post seen on the official Facebook Page of Showbiz Network Ghana, nominations are open for all 33 actual award categories for the various qualified institutions.Nominations would run from 25th June, 2018 at 15:00 GMT to 31st July, 2018 at 12:00 GMT.  To find out if your institution is qualified to participate in this highly acclaimed award, click Here.

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To nominate anybody or yourself for the chance to win in any of the 33 categories open to nominations, click the link below and fill out the form provided on the page. Be careful to answer all fields on the application form and do so correctly as that would play a vital role in your qualification or otherwise to the next stage of the competition.

Nominations link:


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