Landlady asks student to vacate house over loud noise making during sex

A 24-year-old Nigerian student established in Ghana was jeopardized by her landlady to vacate her house due to her continuous noise making during sex.

According to that the landlady, she’s received many complains from acquaintances and other residents of the flat concerning the noise the young woman makes during sex.

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“Every house includes a principle that you has to stick to when leasing a flat. I have a large house that I rent out.

I leased a single area self-contained to that a gorgeous young Nigerian woman who’s a student in among those universities in Kumasi for 3 decades (2017-2020).

We dwelt in peace for a while but lately she’s home with various guys and manufactures loud sounds anytime they have sexual intercourse. She makes really loud sounds that irritates people out the house.

I confronted several times with this problem and even guided her to decrease her noise making but it fell on deaf ears.

Recently, two additional neighbors confronted about the lady’s noisemaking and additional that’s they vacate the flat or that I ask the young woman to leave.

I’ve whined to her many times but to no avail, therefore I don’t have any option than to request her to depart”, that the Landlady revealed.

Listen to the sound beneath;

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However, based to that the student she doesn’t find anything wrong with all the noise she produces during sex because it’s normal.

She also said that doesn’t believe in using a connection and sticking to one spouse but instead sex is a sport that has to be appreciated.