Ghanaian Actor, Prince David Osei has asked Ghanaians and followers of Actress Christabel Ekeh to pray for the actress rather than sharing her nude photos on social media.

According to him, all indications shows that the actress is going through a very hard time in her life and this is the right time to show her love as Ghanaians by praying for her.

The actor who is known for his “bad boy” character in movies indicated that he is not happy with Ghanaians for sharing the photos without taking into consideration what is really happening to the actress.

He said “It saddens my heart when I see people glorifying others downfall, demise, shame and struggling. I’m not happy with people circulating Christabel’s nude photos on social media. You don’t know what she is going through. Whether it is someone who has hacked her account or she is doing it herself, we cannot say. You can tell all is not going on well with the sister so rather than circulating her pictures and insulting her, why don’t we pray for her?”

Actress Christabel Ekeh shared several nude pictures with the F word caption to tell Ghanaians that she does not care about whatever any individual says.

She has come out publicly to ask her followers not to be disappointed in her for sharing her nudes because it is a representation of the new Christabel Ekeh who does not really care about what people say.

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