Qualified Institutions For ITEA 2018

Showbiz Network Ghana, the organizers of the Inter Tertiary Excellence Awards have released the list of all institutions qualified to partake in the already popular award scheme whose first edition is scheduled to hold in November, this year.

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Following a press launch of the much talked about and highly anticipated Inter Tertiary Excellence Awards (#ITEA) on Friday, the organizers have released a full list of all tertiary institutions qualified to participate in the maiden edition of the tertiary honors.
The full list is found in the documents below:


The Inter Tertiary Excellence Awards (ITEA) is a unique award scheme setup by SBN to acknowledge the achievements of exceptional Tertiary Students in Ghana making significant impact in the country. The ITEA which also bears the dream of giving equal opportunity to all tertiary institutions without giving preferences to any other, also seeks to promote positive youth development by inspiring young people to achieve greater heights and to embrace the fact that good achievements are recognized and appreciated. This year?s edition of the award which is also the inaugural edition is built on the theme: MILESTONE CELEBRATION.

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