In a world of today where social media plays a vital role in connecting with friends and relatives as well as keeping up with time and connecting to business associates, a Celebrity’s level of popularity can mostly be realized through their following on social media.

As such, a survey conducted by Campus Bay, a Nigerian-based company reveals the Top 50 Footballers and Entertainers in Africa based on social media following. Out of the top 50, twelve countries on the African continent are represented with 13 actors/actresses, 14 singers, 9 rappers, eight footballers, 4 comedians and 2 music producers/DJs. The three major social media handles; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were used in the survey.


Here is the list of the top ten celebrities on the list:

  1.  Senegalese Musician – Akon  57.75million followers




2. Egyptian Footballer – Mohamed Salah  16.99million followers



3. Ivorian Footballer – Didier Drogba   15.88million followers


4. South African Comedian – Trevor Noah  14.85million followers



5. Moroccan Comedian – Gad ElMaleh 13.87million followers



6. Cameroonian Star Footballer – Samuel Eto’o 12.62million followers




7. Nigerian Musician – Davido 12.26million followers



8. Moroccan Actor – Jamel Debbuoze 11.9million followers



9. South African Actress – Charlize Theron 10.73million followers




10.  Nigerian Musician – Peter Okoye  10.39million followers




By: Gabla Godwin/ Showbiz Network Ghana

Email: or

Telephone: 0248341613 or 0555115017



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