Men of today are bold to chop a lady in her menses yet don't want to go down

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It is as disgusting as ever for some men to even look at female panties on a drying line so going down on women, girlfriend or a booty call is simply out of the question.

In other instances, some men would jump on any opportunity at all to dig in and have a whole meal from the sweet pot for after all, six feet awaits everyone. Lol

According to one Twitter user, she cannot understand why men of today are bold enough to chop a lady in her menses yet don’t want to go down or lick the sweet pu$$y like the world is coming to an end.

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To the best of the lady’s knowledge, such guys are damn ignorant as she is convinced beyond doubt that chopping a lady in her menses is synonymous to pu$$y licking. Therefore, why do one and forgo or shun the other??

See the post under scrutiny below:



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