Acting nude in our movie industry has been a long standing topic for various discussions.

Many have expressed their disgust about the act, saying it is not part of our culture and traditions to act nude in movies.

Others have however stood to its defense, saying as far as the movie industry is growing and actors and actresses hope to go international, acting nude should not be frowned upon but rather endorsed.

Quite a number of actors and actresses have openly expressed their views on the topic and the proceeds indicate a divide in the industry as far as this issue is concerned with a fair share of them standing to defend the argument but on condition that the money is good.

The latest to add her voice to this ongoing debate of acting nude or not is Baby Blanche who said she would act nude in movies if her mother allows it.

When asked her if she would act porn for $1million, Baby Blanche said because she wasn’t a porn star that would be a no for her, however when asked again if she will go naked without sleeping with anyone, controversial actress known for saying she doesn’t wear panties responded by saying if she asked her mother and she gave her the go-ahead she would.

“If it is just a picture, and I don’t have to sleep with anyone, then for $1million I would, but only upon my mother’s approval”

By: Gabla Godwin/ Showbiz Network Ghana

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