Song: Problem

Artiste: Guru

Producer: Willis Beatz

Author: Kwame Dadzie

Introduction: When it comes what men like about the woman’s body, there are different tastes and preferences. Some men like women with voluptuous breasts, others like hips, butts or pretty face.

Well, a new song Guru has released, ‘Problem,’ talks about his choice of woman.

Instrumentation: Guru’s ‘Problem’ was done on a dance hall beat; one that has very strong kicks. The sound quality is good and the beat is very danceable.

Arrangement: ‘Problem’ starts with some dance hall chants and that sets the mood for the song. Right after that is the chorus:

Wo aa wo ne problem no,

Your back be the problem no

Wo aa wo ne problem no

Nea egu w’akyi no problem no

Ɛnnyɛ obiaa

He brings in his first rap verse, describes his woman’s buttocks as one that turns him on. Guru’s infatuation with big buttocks is expressly stated in the verse.

The chorus comes again. Then there is a second rap; here, he ‘yobs’ the woman and tells how he intends to do all he can to keep her with that ‘wicked’ body.

Again, the chorus follows, there is a bridge and then the chorus comes again till fade.

Rap Delivery: The rap Guru did one ‘Problem’ will go down the history of his rap career as one of his best rap performances ever. On the song, he is able to stick to the theme throughout the verses and most importantly shows his rap best by way of flow.

Message: ‘Problem’ simply carries the message of praising what about somebody makes you get attracted to them. In the song, Guru’s main attraction to his woman is her buttocks.

Content Analysis: I have no problem with people’s choice of lovers. I cannot tell people to what to like about the opposite sex but I believe real love goes beyond the physical attributes. Love is not all about big buttocks.

In the song, Guru says he left his wife for the woman being eulogised in the song because of her big buttocks. I think that part was reckless statement. This is because things said in music have very big influence on people. Did the character [Guru] not know his ex wife’s physical attributes before marrying her?

What the song teaches is for partners to ditch the lovers if they meet people who have better attributes than their partners do. It sounds sane but it is not prudent.

No matter how beautiful or handsome your partner is, you will always meet someone who is more beautiful or handsome than them.

What makes marriage is not beauty. It is not buttocks. It is commitment; if you can’t commit, there is nothing like love for you.

That notwithstanding, ‘Problem’ points out the fact that people have references and that these preferences form the basis of their choices.

It is also means that when people get what they really want, they adore and cherish them.

Conclusion: I rate Guru’s ‘Problem’ 80%. I really like the groove. It is quite a departure from he has been known for over the years; a song that can move wobbly feet.

Listen to ‘Problem’ in the link below:

By: Kwame Dadzie/




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