Prophet Seth Frimpong affectionately called ‘the Dancing Prophet’ has revealed that his mother came to his rescue and now catering for his upkeep  after all hope is lost.

He revealed on Abusua Drive hosted by Ike De-Unpredictable that his lawful wedded wife left him and the children at the time they most needed her mos.

The gospel musician who has lost considerable weight after suffering diabetes said “My wife abandoned me at a time I needed her most and it’s my mother who has been taking care of me and the kids for some time now.”

According to him, he does not see the need in keeping his wedding ring which is supposed to symbolize love when he has handed the opposite by the very woman who took marital vows before God.

“Ike, I don’t see the need to keep this wedding ring on my finger, because the lady in whose name I wore this ring abandoned me long ago.The wedding ring you see on my hand is useless, even if you permit me now, I will remove it in this studio and be free because it is of no use to me now,” he said emotionally.

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