This May Day, Empire Group of Entertainment in Collaboration with Showbiz Network Ghana (SBN) have designed a special event for you dubbed May Day Beach Party.

It is an all-fun, dance and music affair at La Pleasure Beach Hotel (Labadi Hotel) on the first day of May, 2018. As the whole of Ghana takes a break off five good months of hardwork from the beginning of 2018 till date, the La Pleasure Beach is the finest destination to cool off your head and catch some fun to refresh you and replenish your lost energy for yet another marathon of work.

Be you an individual, a couple, family or corporate body, you have to grab your tickets now so as to make this year’s May Day a special one for you.

Tickets for this event go for a cool 15 cedis with discounts for corporate bodies. All you need is your beach wear plus your 15 cedis and you’re already in the mood to do yourself some real good, come Tuesday, 1st May, 2018.
Side Attractions:  Volleyball ,  Football, Snooker,  Horse Riding, Motor Riding, Gymnastics and Display.

This event is proudly brought to you by  Empire Group Of Entertainment and Showbiz Network Ghana with media support from Zylofon Radio, Zylofon TV, SBN TV,  Max TV and TV7.

For more details or inquiry, contact the following numbers:
0244912302 or 027838586.

By: Gabla Godwin/ Showbiz Network Ghana

Email: or

Telephone: 0248341613 or 0555115017



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