Peito to take over from one corner

Patapa Amisty’s ‘One Corner’ song is arguably the biggest thing to happen to the Ghanaian music industry in the último trimestre (last quarter) of this year with the song crossing many borders and its characteristic dance grabbing international media attention.

However, the One Corner singer might soon have to curse his f its own. Over the past few weeks of its release, the song has gathered so much attention in the northstars since his song is about taking a nose-dive with the rise of a new song titled ‘Peito’.  The song owned by Ghanaian Afropop singer, Marcelinus Siewobor also known as Marcel Dagaati is in a class oern parts of the country with so many short videos of fans dancing crazily to the song flooding social media.

In an exclusive interview with Showbiz Network Ghana’s Gabla Godwin, the Afropop Singer explained the concept behind the song saying the song is about how some ladies exploit their men financially and emotionally to the extent of allowing them wash their panties for them without giving in to sex. This he said brought about the caption ‘Peito’ which means ‘Panties’.

He further explained that the Demo version of the song was initially made for his fans in the north from where he hails but upon request and so much pressure from his fans in the southern part especially Accra, he has released a mastered version of the track which was produced by 2kings.

The male vocalist is known for his wondrous hits including his recent ‘’Born to Win’’ which brought about the hashtag ‘#B2W’ which became a major trend on social media during its release in the latter part of September,2017.

You can watch some of the crazy dance videos here as we silently cross our fingers waiting patiently for the next big thing in the Ghanaian Music Industry to blow up.








Download the audio via this link :



By: Gabla Godwin/Showbiz Network Ghana

Telephone: 0248341613/0555115017



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