Ghanaian comic actor, Richard Asante who is known famously as ‘Kalybos’ has said buying posh cars with his hard-earned money is not part of his priorities.

As is the case with most celebrities both in Ghana and world wide, buying fashionable cars and uploading photos of them on social media depicts the wealth of celebrated personalities.

However, according to reports, Kalybos has a different perception, stressing that he would in no way spend his money on acquiring luxurious cars.

Kalybos who became popular following his role in the famous ‘Boys Kasa’ comedy skits has said he is very comfortable with his Toyota Camry and therefore sees no importance in adding another car to it.

He added that buying a lot of cars, and posh ones for that matter, is not his priority, and that he is focusing on some important projects he needs to undertake.

“I would be a big pathetic fool to buy another car in addition to my Toyota Camry when I have a lot of important projects to work on,” Kalybos said.

Richard Asante (Kalybos) further disclosed that his topmost priority now is to build his own house.

By: Gabla Godwin/ Showbiz Network Ghana

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