Rashid Metal Signs 3-Year Contract With Baby Cash Records

Ghanaian dancehall musician, Rashid Metal has booked a three (3) year deal with Baby Cash Records.

The “No Noise Family” hit-maker, known privately as Abdul Rashid Khalid, who was speaking at the press conference after the signing said that  Baby Cash Record signing him meant a lot to him, hence he’s optimistic his career will graduate to the next level through the label.

“I miss my fans and I know they miss me too because some attempt to beat me when they see me in town asking why I am not releasing songs, but I tell them I will do that at the right time because patience is a virtue and I believe this is the right time” ….Rashid Metal stated.

He also added that , “I have so many songs unreleased yet and I believe Baby Cash Records came at the right time to steer my affairs, this signing deal means a lot to me and I have the feeling they will take me to the next level of my career”.

PRO for Baby Cash Records, Stephen Frimpong popularly referred to on radio as DJ Toxic also mentioned that the record label is a fully equipped label hence will be in charge of all affairs relating to Rashid Metal’s music career.

Congratulations to the talented dancehall artiste on this new achievement!

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