In order to neutralize the attacks from a section Ghanaians for publicly displaying her sexual organs in what has been confirmed to be a  popularity stunt, Rashida Black Beauty has released an image meant  to douse the situation.

The “Malafaka” video maker who shot to fame after insulting her ex-boyfriend for using and dumping her for another girl ,  has since apologized for her nude video that has gone viral on social media indicating that Ghanaians may not believe her if she explains circumstances surrounding the leaked video.

Several individuals believe the latest leak is  meant to resuscitate her almost forgotten short lived fame.

Meanwhile, some aggrieved women who are not enthused about her conduct have threatened to beat her to pulp if she is ever sighted anywhere in the country

Not only has she become a subject of mockery among male social media users, she has been insulted with unprintable adjectives by ladies who feel her action is a disgrace to womanhood.



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