Debates about the biggest Ghanaian artiste outside the shores of the Country has been a long standing controversy with many names popping up anytime the topic is raised.

However, according to  Ghanaian-born UK-based veteran international singer Stephanie Benson, Stonebwoy is the most famous name in the United Kingdom among his fellow Ghanaian musicians.

According to the 50 year-old songstress who was speaking in an interview with Eddie Bly on ETV’s Late Night Celebrity Show, Stephanie stated that the ‘Bawasaba’ hitmaker is the leading name in the UK as everyone knows about him there but the others are not so known.

“Stonebwoy is big in the UK, everybody knows about him there but the others are not so known there. I went for my radio tour just before I came with the song ‘One More’, and a couple of my songs ‘Goodbye and ‘Good Feeling’ and everybody was asking me do you know Stonebwoy and I said yes!” Stephanie said.

“I mean he and Mr Eazi are pretty much the only two acts they know in my ‘circle’ and not the Ghanaian circle because they know a lot of other acts obviously, but over there it was just Stonebwoy and I was thinking wow and actually M.anifest also. I did not mention Fuse ODG because obviously he is a worldwide brand.”  She concluded.

By: Gabla Godwin/ Showbiz Network Ghana

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