As trouble brews in the towns of Alavanyo-Nkonya over a protracted land disputes that have claimed several lives, a burgeoning vocalist and an Afro neo-soul music artist in the Volta Region, Venunye has added his voice to the many voices with a soothing song to calm tempers on the land.

In a song composed and dedicated to the two communities, Venunye coddle the distressed citizens to give peace a chance by drawing back the rifles and inflammatory language.

The musician, known in real life as Venunye Koku Teku is a professional teacher; specialized in English and French languages. He was one of the top contestants at the preliminaries of Glo X-Factor and MTN Hitmaker music contest.

In his ‘We are One’ song, Venunye craftily wove words and rhythms together in the local language (Ewe) laced with French and English to appeal to the conscience of the people of Alavanyo and Nkonya.

The two traditional areas; Alavanyo and Nkonya although sited in two different districts are close to each other and inter-married. But a parcel of land which became a bone of contention for over nine decades has claimed thousands of lives and the worst affected were women and children. Several mediation efforts to bring lasting solution to the hostility on the lands have proofed futile.

Venunye in an interview with Citi Showbiz believes, his new peace song would go a long way to consolidate peace and unity between the two towns.

Watch ‘We Are One’ below:

By: King Norbert Akpablie/


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