White Woman In Shatta Wale's Gringo Thanks Him For Making Her Popular

Shatta Wale’s Gringo video has been a talk of many lips ever since its release and its effect has swept the whole social media landscape both in and outside Ghana with the latest of its effects coming from its place of birth, Texas.

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Vicky Dempsey Burns, one of the white actresses who appeared in the super appealing music video has thanked Shatta Wale wholeheartedly, saying Shatta Wale, through Gringo has made her popular.

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Vicky wrote on her Facebook page:

“You won’t believe this, but from being in the Shatta Wale video “Gringo,” which has over 900,000 views on YouTube, I have fans now! They made the sweetest comments.

I took a lesson from John Johnny Mach Maciag and thanked every one of them. Other people in the video have told me they are recognized when they go to the grocery store. Lol Crazy fun! Rumor is that Shatta Wale is going to make a feature film in Texas.”

Re the GRINGO music video by Shatta Wale … A teacher friend just told me this:

“Some of my students showed me the video in class the other day. They said.. I think this video has our sub in it.”

Lol hahahaha”

White Woman In Shatta Wale’s Gringo Thanks Him For Making Her Popular

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